Science Month @ UAHS

The UAHS celebrated Science Month with the theme “Research and Innovation: Catalyst of Change” last November of this year. The first week of the month highlighted the celebration by pledging for Mother Earth. It was entitled “Environmental Awareness Week: A Promise to Mother Earth.” Each student wrote a pledge on a leaf shaped cartolina that was placed on a twig of a tree. This is a call to love and protect Mother Earth. Students felt worthy in caring and loving more our planet earth. Before the end of the first week, selected students sang songs related to environment through the E-concert activity (Environmental Concert) done during lunch break.

As part of the Science Month celebration, the second week of the month was for the “Science Exhibit.” Students, teacher and non teaching personnel visited the four Science laboratories to observe the different projects exhibited. For first year students, they created a model-made solar system. Aside from that, some of their projects were also exhibited like fossil-made project, trivia and latest inventions. Second year students showcased their ability in making a documentary film related to the issues about environment. This is to inculcate in the minds of our students the importance of nurturing our environment through the documentary films compiled. Third year students amazed the whole studentry with their creations of their extreme measurement objects such as key, school uniform, jersey, brush, eraser, rosary, cap and chair. Fourth year students astonished the UAHS family with their Up Robot Exhibit. Added to those, were optical illusions and hands on projects (miniatures like ferries wheel, carousel, horror train and current box). All those creations of students were exhibited in the science laboratories except for the documentary films which were viewed on the first week of the month. All high school students and even the teaching and non teaching personnel were amazed with the exhibit. Grade 6 students from our own university visited the said affair.

November 28, 2011 was the culminating activity of the Science Month. The program started with invocation followed by singing of the national anthem and opening number from selected high school teachers. Mrs. Rachelle Infante, Chair of the Science Department, welcomed and opened the activity. A grand COSPLAY competition sparked the event and started the program with a production number. This is to adapt to the trend of having costume play. Each section and each department plus the non-teaching personnel joined the said competition to make others aware that each can use indigenous or recycled material to make costumes. Each cosplayer imitated each chosen anime character or god and goddess.  It was a nonstop shout and applause as the students witnessed each cosplayer. The said cosplay competition was judged by Dr. Ruth Balajadia-Ducut, Dean of the Graduate School, and Mr. Michael Muñoz and Ms. Arlene David, both are professors from School of Arts and Sciences. Also, each year level prepared an intermission number in between of the program. It was coined as “Sci-Yaw Tech”. First year students performed solar system while 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students executed digestive system, chemical bond and motions respectively.

On the same date, the winners from all activities initiated by Science Department were proclaimed.

For First Year: (Model Making)

1st place: I – Deuteronomy

2nd place: I – Genesis

3rd place: I – Judges

For Second Year: (Documentary Films)

1st place: II – Daniel

2nd place: II – Jeremiah

3rd place: II – Isaiah

For Third Year: (Extreme Measurements)

1st place: III – Thessalonians (School Uniform)

2nd place: III – Galatians (Paint Brush)

3rd place:
III – Romans (Chair)
III – Ephesians (Key)

For Fourth Year: (Up Robot)

1st place:
Rose Ann Guevarra (IV – St. Peter)

2nd place:
Jeremy Pius Gonzales (IV – St. Peter)
Airees Corpuz (IV – St. Andrew)

3rd place:
Alec Lingat (IV – St. Peter)
Lovely Zapata (IV – St. Philip)

Before announcing the best cosplayer for student and teacher category, Ms. Edita Q. Sagmit, our dear principal, spilled her closing remarks. And finally, the hosts (Mr. Kenneth Dizon and Ms. Janice Almario) announced the winners.


Jessa Mae Basilio – III-Corinthians (STUDENT Category)
Mr. John Villanueva – AP Department (TEACHER Category)

Jhackie Brendan Garcia – III-Romans (STUDENT Category)
Mr. Robin Percival Vibar – TLE/Comp Dept (TEACHER Category)

Alexeine Batac – II-Isaiah (STUDENT Category)
Mr. Jose Nelson Tumang – Filipino Department (TEACHER Category)


Indeed, UAHS is a home of wit, talent, innovation and invention. Congratulations!!!

by Mr. Glenn Zuniega
Faculty Member

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